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Trial Technicians

Time in a courtroom is a very stressful and time sensitive place, so having someone to take care of all the exhibits, videos and technological stresses allowing the attorneys to focus on their arguments is invaluable.

Our Trial Technicians understand the dynamics of a courtroom, the complete and dynamic presentation of a case and appropriate courtroom etiquette.

We pride ourselves on our multiple redundancies set in place to ensure that you can tell your story and present your case without having to worry about the technology.

Using the most cutting-edge hardware and software, we can help present or edit any demonstrative or evidence with a quick response time to help keep your arguments on point in a moments notice. 

Knowing how quickly things can change in the courtroom, we are ready to move with you and your arguments at a moment's notice to digitally stamp exhibits on the spot, create impeachment videos while a witness is on the stand or use any of our resources to give you the advantage during trial.

Software programs that our Trial Technicians are proficient in using:




Trial Director


Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere, Audition, Acrobat, etc..)

Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc...)

TimeCoder Pro



Trial Pad

Final Exhibits

TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works

VISME Infographic, Presentation and Timeline Maker


About the Owner

Brian Fronzaglia

Brian Fronzaglia, owner of Litigation Support and Trial Techs, LLC is a Certified Trial Technology Specialist through AGCV with over 20 years of experience in audio and video editing on multiple platforms as well as over a decade's worth of collegiate teaching in technology.

He has been in the hot seat for cases reaching verdicts in the billions, and has been sought out coast to coast from many leading firms within the industry.


In addition to his time in the courtroom, he has given public presentations across the United States and Europe. During the pandemic, he spent a considerable amount of time hosting conferences, mock trial competitions and training on Zoom and WebEx for attorneys and judges (most notably the NLRB). His extensive experience in troubleshooting hardware and software problems on multiple platforms has been utilized in some of the most intensive performance-based environments. Since courts have opened after the pandemic, Brian has been active in courtrooms across the United States handling hot seat requirements in a diverse collection of hybrid situations.


Having served on live TV Post-Production teams over the years, his knowledge of logistics and his ability to edit/produce demonstratives, videos and audio quickly has been an asset to numerous trial teams, more recently in landmark cases involving CTE, hearings surrounding the events on January 6, 2021 and trials surrounding voter fraud and voting rights during the 2020 election. His vast experience has recently led him to work as the solo trial technician for 10 Joint Defense Trial Teams in one of the largest Antitrust cases in U.S history with databases of over 14.7 million documents.


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